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    Grateful Grateful Truly blessed and duly grateful


    Merry Christmas Eve

    The Cookies of Christmas

    Festive Boys


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    The boys and Santa

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    Tomorrow, I go back to work. That means if these pictures are ever going to see the light of day, it's best that I get them up here now.

    So here they are: Pictures from (mostly) November, including our trip to a cabin in Blue Ridge over Thanksgiving.

    Ben, by Eddie (10/17/12)

    Eddie telling Ben about the cabin (11/12/12)

    Feet of boys (11/12/12)

    Thanksgiving feast at school (11/15/12)

    Eddie and Ben, post-feast (11/15/12)

    A sad Superman (11/15/12)

    Sunrise at the cabin (11/19/12)

    Dinner date with Elise at the cabin (11/19/12)

    Eddie (11/20/12)

    Eddie and Ben on Thanksgiving (11/22/12)

    Watching Elf (11/22/12)

    Ben (11/23/12)

    Eddie buttoned his own shirt (11/24/12)

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    Question from a reader

    A friend asked for a post comparing the boys, so here it is. I'm very obedient.


    Ben was technically smaller than Eddie at birth and in his first week, but he didn't look that way. Eddie has always just looked kind of skinny, whereas Ben has always looked fluffy. In the hospital, a nurse came to give him Tylonol and was confused by the dose, because it seemed so small. She asked how much he weighed, and when I told her she was surprised. I mentioned that Ben is just kind of fluffy, where my first born isn't. She said, "Oh, so he takes more after you." Thanks, nurse.

    Now, at a month, Ben has surpassed Eddie a bit in size. When I weighed him yesterday, he was up to 7 pounds, 15 ounces (putting him in the 6th percentile). At his one month doctor's appointment, Eddie weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces (3rd percentile).

    Eddie's eyes were clearly blue blue from day one. Ben's are much darker. It's hard to say what color they'll end up, but I don't think there's any way they'll be blue like Eddie's.

    Ben eats. Eddie, not so much.

    Eddie spit up. A LOT. Ben, not much at all.

    It takes a bit more to comfort Ben. Eddie was always pretty pretty calm. Ben can get grumpier, and needs sometimes needs to be swaddled and rocked to calm down.

    Ben likes pacifiers. Eddie didn't.

    From the very beginning, Ben has been much more alert than Eddie was. Eddie's first few weeks, he spent most of his time with his eyes closed. Ben spends more time awake. Now, in fact, he seems to resist going to sleep sometimes.

    Ben's eyelashes are very short and very light. Eddie's were (and are) very long and very dark.

    Ben's fingernails seem to grow. Eddie's don't.


    Relatively speaking, both Eddie and Ben were (and will hopefully remain) easy babies. No yelling for no reason, good sleepers, etc.

    Despite it seeming like Ben is growing so fast, he's really still pretty darn small. Putting him in 0-3 month clothes is a good reminder of that. He's still, at one month old, still firmly in newborn sizes. (Though he never wore premie sizes like Eddie did, even though Eddie was bigger in the very beginning.)

    They're both really stinkin' cute.

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    Today, when Mark picked Eddie up at his Skill Builders class, one of the teachers told him that Eddie came up with a fun activity for all the kids. They all pretended they were in a band. Eddie was on drums.

    In the car, Eddie told Mark that our family should be in a band, too. Eddie wants to be on drums, with Mark playing guitar "bermomica," Ben playing the violin, and me "playing" the microphone.

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