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    Grateful Grateful Truly blessed and duly grateful


    Since New Year’s Cards are going out, I guess I should update

    I guess there is some updating that needs to happen before people start receiving their New Years (yes, New Years, not Christmas) cards.

    So, where did we leave off? Endocrinologist. Right. We got the lab results, and while the celiac and growth hormone stuff came back normal (yay!), there was some suggestion that he may have mild hypothyroidism. Interesting, because we thought there was a possibility of hyperthyroidism. The expected cause was autoimmune hypothyroidism, and the thyroid test and a few others needed to be done to confirm. When the results from those labs came back, the thyroid hormone was still a bit off, but not enough to treat and no indication of autoimmune disease, so we just leave it be. We'll follow-up in 6 months.

    Other than that, there was Halloween. We went out with Eddie's friend Elise again. They were cute.

    A little bit after that, we went up to a cabin in the mountains for Thanksgiving. It was lovely.

    While we were in the mountains, Mark ran his first 5K.

    Earlier this month, we went back to the eye doctor to see about getting the tear duct tubes removed. Turns out they had fallen out on their own, and things are looking great. We'll go back in a year for a follow-up.

    And after that? Christmas. Eddie got a Batcave, see?

    Okay, I think we're up to date now!

    More photos from the past three months have been added to gratefulgrateful.shutterfly.com.

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